The Presidential Golfing Cart and the Key Services – Golfing Cart 1

All right so, the Pope has the Pope Mobile, it is bullet evidence in circumstance god forgets to secure him I guess, who is aware of it’s possible god may get angry around the “B-Film” low-priced costume apparel some of all those in his entourage have on? I would. In any case, quite a few essential folks have specialty cars and trucks to parade around in. Really there is a Golfing Cart One and it is at Camp David no doubt, pretty a fitting location for a Presidential Golf Cart.

Considering the fact that, Obama spends so a lot time on the golfing study course, Golfing Cart One particular will have to be entirely outfitted as a cellular command centre with scenario space amount sophistication, but that is hardly all. In simple fact, and rumor has it (a rumor I just now created) – the cart has some rather intriguing features:

Bullet Evidence
Run Flat Tires
Air Conditioning
Night Eyesight HUD
Dual Teleprompters
Solar Panels on the Roof
War Organizing Plat Panel Show
Secured Satellite Interaction
Totally Blown Corvette Engine by Calloway
Hybrid Program with Regenerative Braking

In case, he’s interviewed he will have to know what to say and have a speech prepared, the good thing is his teleprompter is always on standby for just the appropriate quotation, quip, audio chunk, one particular-liner, or innuendo. For instance, Mr. President, Sir, how do you sense about the opinions designed by the Iranian Supreme Leader about your Presidential dog “Bo”?

“Perfectly, I am deeply troubled without a doubt, as Bo is a trusty and loyal Portuguese Drinking water Puppy [who fetches his golfing balls when he hits them into the pond] – further PETA is just not likely to value these remarks by the Supreme Leader of Iran, so he’s barking up the wrong tree.”

You see how important it is to have all the good words prepared for any sort of issue, also the teleprompter is always in selection by way of secured Wi-Fi to a Watson-like IBM super computer system to glimpse up and scour all the social media and world’s know-how and the AI pc technique give percentages of what the Tv set viewers at dwelling may well want to listen to. The Golf Cart also has a immediate satellite hyperlink to the Pentagon at all periods. This is how President Obama is in a position to run the nation so perfectly and nevertheless commit so a lot time actively playing golf with the top 1% company jet crowd.

Interestingly sufficient, Camp David now has an all-electric powered micro-UAV helicopter (UAV One particular) drone which delivers sandwiches out to what ever hole President Obama is participating in on employing a exclusive GPS technique, mobile tower triangulation to his Top secret Provider enabled wise cell phone with a whole Google Earth keep track of for precise place supply.
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Finally, the cause Obama is such a fantastic golfer is mainly because as shortly as he hits the ball he operates back to the golf cart’s interlinked iPad on the steering wheel, and he steers the ball into the hole using exclusive sensors inside of the golfing ball (specially formulated in a challenge with DARPA, MIT and Carnegie Mellon Robotics) to retain it rolling right after it lands to it is meant destination.

Why does he have this feature, nicely, once more as “rumor” has it, he accidentally hit a duck in just one of the ponds, and a covert paparazzi obtained a video of that applying an FAA unlicensed micro-air motor vehicle, and put the online video on YouTube, but luckily many thanks to Web Censorship characteristics, they took down the internet site right before it went viral, and eradicated the video just before PETA a massive team supporting Obama could see it.

Perfectly, that’s it for now. But, would you you should remedy a question for me how do these rumors get begun in any case

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