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Lifeguard training program America, certificate classes course

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To improve the quality and quantity of artistic swimming coaches in various provinces in Indonesia, the All Indonesia Swimming Association held training at Gelora Bung Karno Aquatic Center, Jakarta. The training, entitled FINA Artistic Swimming for Coaches was attended by 26 participants consisting of coaches, referees, judges, former athletes, to beautiful swimming sports lovers on the 14-18 July.
The training was led directly by world caliber trainer, Jennifer Gray, Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. Gray will provide training for five days with various methods, both theory and practice. The training event is the result of cooperation with the International Aquatic Federation (FINA). “Indonesia has the potential for the development of artistic swimming because this sport does not require body posture. But it must be supported by a very consistent training program
Swimming Association (AMERICAN) The American Regency Board of Directors holds a provincial level swimming training. Participants not only consist of coaches from a club, but also from sports teachers. This activity was held as a matter of concern because there were still trainers and sports teachers who did not meet the right standards and programs. The Chairperson of the AMERICAN Board of American Regency, Bandu Suharjono, said that from American there were 12 participants. In addition, there are also outside regions and even outside the province, starting from West Nusa Tenggara, Surabaya, Sidoarjo and Cirebon. This activity was held for three days (6-8 / 7), with material consisting of theory to practical training.
“Our program is from the AMERICAN board, because of concerns, which means that if I see a number of clubs, and especially school, it trains students not to be standard with the right program,” he said. Badu explained, the training of swimming coaches was attended by prospective swimming coaches or swimming coach assistants, swimming trainers who had clubs but were certified. In addition, there are also those from the general public who wish to become swimming trainers, as well as sports teachers, both elementary, junior high and high school teachers of the same degree. “Organizing this is my hope that American will provide something more standard and give American a better achievement,” he said.
The upgrading, brought in speakers from the Central Java AMERICAN board in the field of Training and Match. Farid Lekso gave material about swimming techniques, one style swimming technique that is freestyle, and two style swimming techniques namely backstroke swimming. Then the speaker Tri Tunggal gave material about the four-style swimming technique, namely the butterfly-style swimming. “From this upgrading all participants will get a C trainer swimming certificate, or provincial level upgrading certificate that can be used in any province.
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Not only teachers, there are also many swimming coaches at clubs who have not been certified, “he said.
The activity was opened by the Head of Sports representing the Head of Dinporapar American, Kustinah. He expressed his congratulations and appreciated the swimming trainer upgrading activities. Whereas in his remarks, the new Chair of the KONI, R Budi Setiawan, this kind of activity was recommended for other sports. So that there will be similar upgrading, and expectations of American’s sporting achievements will increase.

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